O Caminho de Santiago – vídeo

This guy is one of the Braves who travel till Very-Far-Away-End-of-the-World. Like this himself the traveller Lev Lord of Rosental aka Zdeniek Lev von Rosental (Czech Zdeněk Lev z Rožmitálu) (* circa 1460, – † July 14, 1535).

Kristaps Mors

Last July together with Kristine we did a 2 week & 1000km trip with bikes from Irun (border of Spain and France) to Fisterra, and I wrote some posts about the first days of our experience in category El Camino de Santiago.

If you read them, these posts and photos gave some insights, but I am sure that video will work much better. So I am happy to be able to finally publish it and share some of the amazing sights we saw while doing the Camino del Norte route with bikes.

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