Harmonious Pathways in Ireland

When I took a look to a link in a Facebook page about a short-term EVS project named “Harmonious Pathways” (the European Volunteering Service) in Ireland I was so enthusiastic that I couldn’t had simply said “no”. I arranged my documents with the Czech counterpart, the sending organization International Young Naturefriends, all the papers and so on with the Czech sending organization and finally I packed my luggage and took a plane in the Vaclav Havel airport. Destination: Dublin. On the way I met my Czech co-worker Lucie; we travelled together to a town in the South, including the night spending in the surroundings of the capital city. Next day afternoon we travelled to the place so called Wexford in a two hours and a half trip by bus…

There is a truly fascination for Ireland in my land, Galicia by the fact of being both Celtic nations (to see how far comes these connections, check here our passion for Gaelic football without any official support, a very popular sport for Irish people, and here the list of Irish bands in our most important Folk music festival) so it was my case too. Even that I had never dreamt to visit the island in a short or medium term… Imagine my surprise!

If I weren’t emigrated in the Czech Republic probably I would had started a farming project in my parents fields, combining the sustainable exploitation of the local richness present in the flora, fauna and the landscapes which has been supplying its inhabitants by thousands of years. I am myself an amateur bee-keeper. So honestly talking I was curious to know what were the principles of permaculture and for what it was useful for.

10 young volunteers, 5 countries, one Irish organization, one abandoned farm converted in a laboratory against social inequalities…

(To be continued)


O Caminho de Santiago – vídeo

This guy is one of the Braves who travel till Very-Far-Away-End-of-the-World. Like this himself the traveller Lev Lord of Rosental aka Zdeniek Lev von Rosental (Czech Zdeněk Lev z Rožmitálu) (* circa 1460, – † July 14, 1535).

Kristaps Mors

Last July together with Kristine we did a 2 week & 1000km trip with bikes from Irun (border of Spain and France) to Fisterra, and I wrote some posts about the first days of our experience in category El Camino de Santiago.

If you read them, these posts and photos gave some insights, but I am sure that video will work much better. So I am happy to be able to finally publish it and share some of the amazing sights we saw while doing the Camino del Norte route with bikes.

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