This blog is only a small part of my efforts to understand one country and individuals in a society who are right now my neighbours, my pairs. After all, like another citizen in Czech Republic -native or foreigner- I have the same duties, I visit the same places, I read the same signs and of course I enjoy or deplore similar environment …. People are culture, the power of communication and mutual understanding. Nevertheless this links meaning modes, codes and traditions can become an “unexpected” barrier. Not expected in the sense of breaking your routine and usually in an unpleasant way and I mean with this sentence that human beings are very attached to the tradition, to the automation of movements and thoughts even if we practice the noble art of innovation.

Emigration is not only moving a body from one side of the planet to another;  there is an identity on the struggle to survive, to be melted with another Others,  to be used as a refractory tool in the global market of multiple, liquid identities. Many times old home is in front of your eyes, faded away in an extremely strange landscape. Like an accordion full of sand there is possibility to listen any harmonious sound in the scale of these feelings.

I am coming soon till the start point:

Writing about Czech culture helps me definitely!? to understand this society in an underground way, undermined way of course. This blog is also for you, ignorant as I am about who you are or what you have. Vi-tej-te. Willkommen.

Alén Disque


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