About the author / O mě

As a passionate of culture,  I have studied Human Sciences in Santiago de Compostela, in the Finisterrae , the very end of the word. This compendium of disciplines gave to me the very option to collect several points of view. Real criticism is in clear extinction, must said. Also in Social Studies. At least, I can claim that my “lies detector” has increased its power from my university studies. Even during that intensive moment I hadn’t forgotten the “Street”. Street is a fundamental place to the human development, as far as a social being. Well, there re-found my self, the Others were my mirror. In fact I came by love, by thirst of knowledge and of course for social prestige.

Yes. I was very popular in the small campus from our fat village, thanks partially to culture, languages, cuisine. A love triangle. Neptune’s trident. I became an amateur actor and we were able to team-building an almost proof and collectivist management.

Nowadays there is not so much respect for the culture as a social activity and many times it is being misunderstood as a miserable entertainment product.

But I was able to come (and to stay here) just thanks to the culture in the most solidarity sense of sharing. When I was introducing my foreign friends into the local environment, I was relieving my hunger for travelling. I met the problems that later I would had had to solve by myself later. On that very moment it was a kind of joke for me. Now I see that it is not a joke but a great game!




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