Later still in 2013 billionaire Andrej Babis (Czech Finance Minister and ANO movement head), who is President of the agricultural, food and chemical Agrofert group, bought the company Mafra editing daily “Mladá Fronta Dnes” and “Lidové Noviny” with site The entire stake was sold to him by the German company Rheinisch-Bergische Verlagsgesellschaft. Impuls Radio the most popular radio in the country got the same destiny soon later.

idnesActually Babis remained the most influential person in Czech Republic in 2014 also according to the ranking elaborated by Forbes. According to the first estimates, Mafra raised operating profit EBITDA on the year to Kc270m last year. Together with Babis’s other media, Radio Impuls and Slovak publisher Ecopress, Mafra generated sales of Kc3,4bn in 2014.

The fact is that by chance (or not) Babis the Slovakian-born tycoon was an outsider to politics around twelve months ago.

(Adapted from a report of the magazine RC Repubblica Ceca, July – August 2014)


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