Crazy Czech Country music by Ivan Mládek and his Banjo Band!!


R:Linda a Linda a Linda
nejradši marmeládu ze všech jídel má.
Tahleta Linda a Linda a Linda
za soudek marmelády cokoliv dá.
Říkám jí Lindo, ty moje holka upatlaná,
proč tvá pusa není aspoň jednou slaná?
Má milá Linda a Linda a Linda,
co dělat, marmeládu prostě ráda má.
R:Linda a Linda a Linda nejradši marmeládu


El martillo de las brujas

Poster película

“Y, si me hubiese equivocado en alguna ocasión, usted como ministro de Dios sabe muy bien que incluso los jueces somos instrumentos en las manos de Dios”, así afirma Boblig, abogado e inquisidor imperial, en su versión fílmica del año 1969, “Martillo de brujas”, en una conversación con el sacerdote católico Lautner, víctima de los procesos inquisitoriales en el norte de Moravia durante la década de 1670).

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Friends (Ireland – Last chapter)

Verónica, Michel, Magdalena, Lucka, Sean, Andreea, Ovidiu, Lisa, Lyon, Fran. Different abilities, amazing knowledges and languages, many languages! Without caring about nationality or religion or whatever social tags. I would say that it was as a “multi-culti salad” in the most literal sense.

I mean, it wasn’t of course harmonious in the peaceful way understood by a spiritual point of view as usual (I guess) in any work-camp but at least we behave team-mates recovering an abandoned place (remember that there had been functioned a farm). We planted a seed. Each of us and everybody together with our fingers digging on the soil, our metallic fingers as well. 2 weeks got for us plant this forest of illusions that will grow up because that’s all a matter of strategy: flowers can grow on the desert knowing with is the best to create an auto-regulated system. Just pushing a switch…

According to the English Wikipedia, Bill Mollison declared that:

“Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.”

After all, there is nobody to take care about the plants during long periods of time… They should be ready to survive alone!

Day by day, not having a full pocket, we had to choose the beauty in the simple details rather than the non-sustainable luxury. The most resistant plants, those most suitable for the shadows or for the sunshine (incredibly we could be burn in our skins under the Sun in the Grey Island of Ireland!), build up the paths to walk, the places to stay and relax or play theatre or music and some games on the night with a fire. We inserted a sculpture in that permanent picture in the form of an eagle (in my own interpretation, of course) as the necessary symbol of each alive project, in a marvellous relationship of symbiosis with the environment.

The music was a very important part of our day and for example our instructors showed us this emotive song about Molly Malone (singing Sinead o’Connor). Singing became a part of our sharing in common. Happy rhythms in our heads, in our hands and in our hearts. Music and food too I would add. Everyone was responsible to feed each other at least three times per week. It gives another dimension to your life cocking for 14 people even for me, coming from an eight-members family under the same roof. Games and films and chats were also a very important part of our relaxing time after dinner and some times we stayed so late that became an inconvenient for next working day.

Finally, among all the visits to our area (don’t forget the local culture!), the Tintern Abbey and its communal garden, the Hook Lighthouse, sightseeing across the city of Wexford, the beers and the Irish traditional music concert on live in a pub from the seamen village of Duncannon, the two visits on the beach, the concert with a young band in a restaurant close to Wexford (where I had my 15 min as a storyteller in front of a devoted audience) and the final match in the Word Football Cup Brazil-Germany in Wellingtonbridge, I would like to remark the vignette in the Hook Lighthouse as a hope.

And now: Thank you all of you who came from Ireland, Spain, Austria, Romania, Montserrat and Czech Republic!

Go raibh maith aga!! (My favourite sentence in Gaelic).