It made me sweat… (Ireland – 2nd part)

…but I wasn’t able to stop enjoying it.

Summarizing: all the episodes in human existence have a specific content. Their own names, special flavours, something Cartesian (a point created by the confluence of axis X and axis Y) that make us remember the situation and feel those murmurs from the River flowing from the Past, but not any past. Our very real past, myself swimming on the waters of the Time.

A social project carried on by an educational NGO based on Dublin, Eolas Soileir, in a former farm in the county of Wexford (SE of the island). Unfortunately I can’t  put a name and face to the ruined farmer by the alcoholism and debts, owner of these paths, fields, house, farm. Second chances exist and the place returned to have an useful function.

I could copypaste this info: “CLEAR – Centre for Learning, Education, Awareness & Revival is committed to… …in County Wexford” and so on and son on.  I will not. Instead of that, to be a bit original writer, here you have the list of the people who make possible and alive this encouraging company: Dreidre, Jack, Geraldine, Sean and some other people of whom I forgot their names. But I remember their faces! And the accents of their tongues. It gets a while to guess the meanings of the Irish English, built on the basis of the Gaelic phonetics. As empathetic, welcoming (hospitable) and hard-workers beings they are, it was a pleasure to take on hands the tools for embellishing that small portion of earth under our foot.

2 weeks of Arts & Crafts -a sentence that summarizes the clever combination of both technique and culture for, finally, offer to another groups of people like young urban guys or leaders in another social organizations.

It is so necessary to have a bit of faith…! Even from materialistic positions. It is a faith after a checking in an atmosphere of enthusiasm for a recovery, a “restoration” in the old-fashion: collective decisions, manual tasks, recycling of materials, aesthetics applied to the garden. If there is any hope for the mankind it must be multiplied in that sort of places!

We pushed the meanings of another team’s works to give them them another meanings. Where stayed a single pound and a mountain of sand and stones, trash -plastics, stripes, metallic tools, authentic archaeology of a farming past- we gave birth to (see the pics gallery):

– the entrance path,

– a rockery with flowers,

– a non-smoking area under cover of the rain and winds,

– an embellished pound with flowers and aquatic plants,

– an encircling area around the pound for walking and in the future staying seated,

– a metallic sculpture,

– a bonfire with benches around and berries,

– a kind of “zen garden” for meditation with a white pebbles bed and

– the was floor was levelled.Quite impressive! I would say.

(To be continued).


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